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I've written before about how sometimes it seems like I'm operating on a totally different frequency than most of the people around me. It still seems that way, often, and for the most part I work around it or through it as best I can. Sometimes it's ... [Read More]

» introvert care from scamperblog
It's nothing personal, introverts just have special needs. I've said it before, that for some sociability is the measure of their happiness, where for me sociability is akin to using my eyes as pincushions. Misanthropic tendencies notwithstanding, thes... [Read More]

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Un bellarticolo sul sito - No popups. No javascripts. No sponsors. No blog. Yet. And Ill be damned if I... [Read More]

» Caring for your Introvert from enrevanche
It has become increasingly clear to me as I get older that I am not an extrovert at all... that what I am, in fact, is a wildly overcompensating introvert. [Read More]

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Good article on preception in general about Introverts. [Read More]

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Seems that us Introverts are busting out everywhere. Jonathan Rauch hits for six with this article. I work at a company run by Extroverts, who, without a second thought, promote the Extroverts and marginalize the Introverts. The thing is that ... [Read More]

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